Who We Are

Minas de Revuboè Limitada is a coal mining company registered in Mozambique. The company is holder of mining concession 4064C, an area of approximately 3,964.55 hectares located in both the Moatize District and the Tete Municipality. It lies approximately 12 km north-east of the town of Tete, immediately west of the Revuboè River and east of the Mepuno River. The site is 5.1 km from north to south and 8.5 km from east to west. Revuboè has two proposed coal products: a coking coal and a thermal stream.

Using the colours of the national flag of Mozambique together with the meaning they have for Mozambicans, the green of our logo stands for the riches of the soil and our regard for the environment, gold stands for the riches of the subsoil and and the economic benefit to be generated by the company for the people of Mozambique, and black speaks of the African continent and the coal we are mining.

The inter-linked rings symbolise the interconnectedness, commitment, relationship between people and company; company and land; land and people, sharing of wealth and land. The bright gloss on the rings speak to a new, young, modern company with a bright future

Our History

Minas de Revuboè is a coal mining company based in Mozambique.

We are holder of Mining Concession 4064C to exploit an open-pit coal mine in Tete province. We are focused on creating a pipeline of opportunities for local communities and Mozambique in general. We are a Mining Company harnessing the innovative ideas of our people and collaborating for the benefit of our company and Mozambique.

Board of Directors

Corporate Governance