What makes us different

Our purpose is to create long-term value for shareholders and the people of Mozambique through the development of the Revuboè Mine.

To achieve our goals, we must:

  • Drive towards a committed organisation in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results.
  • Respect Mozambican culture and the Mozambican people, to develop and maintain healthy and open relationships with the community, its leaders, and all levels of Government.
  • Earn the trust of employees, the community, shareholders, customers and suppliers by being open and honest in our communications and consistently delivering on commitments.

We value:

  • Safety — an overriding commitment to health and safety.
  • The Environment — responsible stewardship and sustainable development.
  • Respect for each other — embracing trust, teamwork, involvement and recognising the challenge of operating in a rapidly changing community.
  • Integrity — being honest and straightforward in our dealings.
  • The courage to lead — accepting the responsibility to deliver positive outcomes.

We are successful in creating value when:

  • We value and respect the community and environment in which we operate.
  • Every employee starts each day with a sense of purpose and ends each day with a sense of accomplishment.
  • The community in which we operate values our contribution.
  • Our shareholders realise expected returns on their investment.
  • Our customers and suppliers are benefiting from our business relationships