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The Project


The Karoo basins of Tete Province form part of the network of rift-related basins of south-central Africa. Most of the coal bearing Karoo Supergroup equivalent deposits of Tete were laid down in an east-west trending, tectonically controlled basin, collectively referred to as the main Zambezi Basin.


The economically significant and most important coal deposits occur within the Moatize Formation (formerly the Productive Series) which unconformibly overlies either Proterozoic basement or the Vúzi Formation. Bananeiras, Intermédia, Grande Falésia and André.


Our target is to achieve an injury and occupational disease free workplace by ensuring that hazards are identified and managed at the source.



The Health and Wellbeing of our Employees and Contractors is critical to providing a safe workplace. MdR recognizes the importance of health and safety within the mining industry.



Our activities are undertaken within the framework of mining approvals, lease conditions and licences established by environmental regulatory authorities.



Building and maintaining strong supportive relationships and partnerships with local people in the areas where we operate drives value creation for both the business and communities and is within our core strategy.

What makes us different

Our purpose is to create long-term value for shareholders and the people of Mozambique through the development of the Revuboè Mine.

To achieve our goals, we must:

  • Drive towards a committed organisation in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results.
  • Respect Mozambican culture and the Mozambican people, to develop and maintain healthy and open relationships with the community, its leaders, and all levels of Government.
  • Earn the trust of employees, the community, shareholders, customers and suppliers by being open and honest in our communications and consistently delivering on commitments.

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