Representatives from Minas de Revuboè’s shareholder, POSCO, travelled to Tete to visit Minas de Revuboè’s
camp site and site of the future Revuboè coal mine.

Minas de Revuboè welcomed Mr Kim Tae-Wook, Manager of Resource Development for POSCO Africa and
Mr PJ Moon, Manager of the Raw Materials Development Department of POSCO in Korea on their first visit to Tete.

While in Tete, Mr Tae-Wook and Mr PJ Moon had the opportunity to visit Vale Moçambique’s Moatize Mine and
meet with Vale’s Coal Operations Director, Altiberto Neto, General Operations Manager, Ricardo Vinhal and
their team (pictured below).

The POSCO representatives also had the opportunity to inspect operations at Beacon Hill’s Minas Moatize.

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