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Community Relations

Minas de Revuboè wants to work closely with local communities to develop its coal mine in the Moatize district in Tete province. During the exploration and planning phase of the project, the company has begun the important work of establishing a rapport with local communities which will become the foundation for a growing partnership.

The company is endeavouring to understand the local culture and how best to integrate community aspirations for a better future for the local women, men and children through the development of the project. Construction of the mine camp commenced only after the blessing of local traditional and government leaders and with the endorsement of the local communities.


Local culture is strong. Traditional beliefs coexist alongside established Christian denominations such as Catholicism and evangelical. Increasingly charismatic African Christian churches have strong expression locally. Moatize communities currently have complex means for securing their livelihoods, with rain fed agriculture the main source of revenue.

Moatize has semi-arid climatic conditions. Increased erratic rain patterns has meant that in most agricultural seasons, communities are unable to harvest enough in order to feed themselves throughout the year. Craft making and rearing of domestic animals (mainly goats) are important in the effort to diversify away from unpredictable agricultural work. Barter operates alongside the cash economy.

Coal Mining

Minas de Revuboè’s goal is to maximize the social and economic opportunities for local women and men in Moatize and to become an integral part of the community.

Minas de Revobuè’s goal fits well with the  government’s poverty eradication strategy that focuses on development of local communities, such as those in Moatize, and their aspiration for a better future. However, there are real challenges in meeting the need for a sustained investment in social, human, financial, physical, and environmental capital as a way to secure sustainable livelihoods. The company is endeavouring to understand and meet these challenges.

Minas de Revuboè recognises the importance of an adaptation period where all those involved commit themselves to the pooling of resources and ownership of local development process.  The adaptation period will be a crucial stage in ensuring success of any future investment made in local communities.  

Revuboè’s partnership with communities in developing the mine presents an exciting opportunity for wealth creation and poverty eradication in Mozambique.